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“There’s a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path”.
Andy and Larry Wachowski

Welcome to In Step With Christ blog, glad to have you here and I do appreciate your visit. I do believe that every connection in life is for a purpose. Sometimes you may not understand or see the meaning at first but if you pay close attention and grasp the moment it will be revealed someday.

Let me just say that I do value you because you could have chosen to do something else with your time. So I am grateful that you chose this Christian blog and even read this far.

What will be going down on this blog

Do you know how you always desire to reflect the image and character of Christ in your life? It’s people like you why I created this blog.

What about that longing not just to be a Christian, but to be a successful one? Another reason why I believe this blog will help you.

It sure helps to know that there are other people out there that have an appetite to fulfill the commandments of Christ.

In Step With Christ will be a voice making a spiritual and positive contribution in the lives of people like you all around the world. It is our aim to continually bring awareness and also remind you of our need for Christ and prepare for eternity.

What to expect

This Christian blog will be another source of inspiration and encouragement to help you grow and mature in your walk with Christ “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:” (Colossians 2:6 KJV). You will be able to view subjects and topics in many categories such as spiritual growth, bible study, marriage & family, finance, health, resources etc. All this is done in an effort to move you toward a more healthy and balanced Christian life. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 2 KJV).

As we progress, you can expect to see a Christian forum added where you too will also have a voice and be able to express yourself. Here at In Step With Christ, we will also provide and recommend beneficial resources and products. This will be done in efforts to better your life and help you achieve maximum results.

Why you should come back

I really hope you do because it really would hurt after getting to know you and then you just walk away : (.

Sorry, I had to let my feelings out so you could know.

On that note, you can benefit from friendships you will gain through this Christian blog. A great opportunity for this will arise through our Christian forum.

How about increased maturity as a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ? Imagine a life that is more balanced in months and years to come. So many times as Christians we are taught the Word of God but many times we struggle with applying the Word and doing simple practical things in life.

Like, still going on a date after you’re married, knowing how to budget and be a good steward over your finances, learning how to create income with the talents God gave you, going on a family outing that’s NOT church related (theme park, sports event, beach, etc.). Yes Christians should enjoy the best life. “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10 : 10 KJV)

Whether you are a babe in Christ or an experienced believer, we seek to help add to your life and give you a greater Christian experience.

You can learn more about the author and creator of In Step With Christ Here.

Do you ever struggle trying to find inspiration? See how you can have inspiration delivered right to you each week by visiting Weekly Devotionals Plus Bonus.

We are open to your input and feedback, so please feel free to share with us.

See You again soon.

Take care until………and God Bless ya

Are you ready to face eternity? If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life and desire to make that commitment now please repeat the following prayer:

Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I realize that I have sinned against you and come short of your glory. I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead. I pray for your forgiveness and ask that you save me now and accept me into your kingdom. Give me eternal life today.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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