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4 Facts About Friends & What They May Be Doing To You

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“Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate”. Thomas Jones. I want to talk to you about this subject that will have a great impact on your life now and later. I know it may seem bold of me to make this claim even before … Read the rest of this post

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7 Ways To Stay Inspired & Motivated After A Disaster

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In light of the tragedies and disasters that we have currently seen around the world. There must be ways for people to still find inspiration and hope to move on. Disasters are nothing new, but the level and size we are seeing today is much … Read the rest of this post

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Being The Avenger In Dark Times

Moon Night

  Critics agree it is daring, a blast, larger than life summer blockbuster, a must see movie for everyone. You should have heard or seen the news by now of the recent record shattering performance by the hit movie The Avengers. It muscled up $200 … Read the rest of this post

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